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All CJS Engines, competition cylinder heads and other parts, services and assemblies are ‘competition items'.  Unless otherwise stated in writing, no warranty is expressed or implied and no claims for consequential damage or loss of any kind will be accepted or entered into.  Users assume all risk and must satisfy themselves that items are suitable for the intended purpose before installing and using.

Quality of workmanship is guaranteed.  If  the  blueprinted engine/cylinder head  survives the initial dyno testing or first session providing the air/fuel ratio and other parameters (e.g. correct 98 octane fuel, correct oil grade) are set in accordance with the (CJS engines instructions leaflet or CJS recommendations) then your engine/cylinder head will not fail to due to quality of workmanship at a later date. Quality of workmanship such as incorrectly fitted components will show up promptly and once again no claim will be entered into on failed engine components (original equipment or aftermarket whether first session/initial dyno testing or not).

If requesting any experimental, untested modifications or re-using any parts that CJS may or may not find fit e.g. ignoring CJS’s experience and recommendations, re-using original cam belts, or leaving in situ worn or suspicious looking components to save costs then there is automatically as above zero warranty/guarantee and that now all risk including the quality of workmanship guarantee is on yourself. Once again no claims for consequential damage or loss of any kind will be accepted or entered into.

Furthermore any third party intervention of any kind will immediately invalidate any guarantee/warranty that may have ever existed.

CJS reserves the right to specify payment type.  Engines and other items will be retained by CJS until paid for in full.  Furthermore if engines are still left unpaid for 30 days after completion date they automatically become the property of CJS and will not be returned.  By requesting services to be carried out whether written or verbally you will be bound to these terms.  If you do not wish to be bound then please do not request work.





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