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If your bike has extensive modifications, remapping is recommended as the full potential of the engine will never be realised.   A bad air fuel ratio can melt pistons in a short amount of time and can diminish power delivery.  Look at the examples of power loss due to poor air fuel ratio's at the bottom of this section.  Please bear in mind even stock production motorcycles suffer from bad fuelling that causes flat spots and stuttering at low speeds.  All this can be eliminated with a dyno set up.  In this case the Ducati Streetfighter and MTS1200 make prime examples.

Our equipment comprises the latest Dyna Pro load-controlled dyno running 4 lab quality Lambda sensors that samples the engines cylinders simultaneously.  We do not waste your time and money making basic average maps with the air fuel ratio's measured at the tailpipe like most other firms. This leads to inconsistent and incorrect Air Fuel Ratio readings doing more harm than good.  The V twin needs to be treated as two individual engines or correct fuelling, power, torque and drivability will never be optimal

This MTS1200 pikes peak gets the full ECU remapping treatment including  o2 error code elimination.  No more expensive bolt on elimination kits are needed!


power commanders , nemesis and other piggy back style devices        

Most people use a Powercommander 3 because until recently it has been the only way to adjust the bike's fuelling.

If you have a Powercommander or similar device already fitted then click here for remapping prices.  If not then add £299 to the cost of mapping for the unit.  We also re-map the aftermarket ecu's being the Nemesis and Microtek

custom mapping of original ecu all models (highly recommended)

If you donít want the aggro and expense of buying and fitting a Powercommander Nemesis or other piggy back device use this ECU Remapping Service.  Going direct into the original ECU gives you twice the amount of throttle position and rpm set points  than any other unit on the market meaning the end result is smoother performance.  There are also fuel and spark maps for all cylinders combined with hundreds of other special functions like rev limits, fly by wire adjustment, secret map switches, lambda deactivation and target air fuel ratio maps.  Ride in Ride out  prices range from £299-£600 depending on whether we remap the main fuel map or for serious enthusiasts optimise the entire operating system including offsets and spark maps for serious performance.  For more info on what can be done with the ECU check the other ECU Services page where you will find every service from disabling your red key to choosing the temperature at which your cooling fans activate.

examples: before & after custom mapping

A Xerox 999R  was bought in with a full 57mm Termi exhaust and ECU already fitted.  First picture shows how much this ECU over fuelled this bike even with the large exhaust, clearly the opposite of public beliefs.  Just to note somewhere between 12.5 and 13.5 makes best power depending on what that particular bike likes.

 Is this power gain worth the money spent?  See below!

(click chart thumbnails to enlarge)

air fuel ratio before

power before & after

Blueprinted & Mapped 996 BiPosto

Dynograph of MTS 1200 with Full QD System after ECU Remap & O2 Elimination

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